About Us

It's in the name - we Fix It Up, whether it’s your restaurant, retail store, beauty parlor or medical center, we do it all. Providing every single one of our clients with a fit-out to not only have them standing out but grabbing attention in this ever-growing and extremely competitive market. Here at Fix It Up, we have developed an expert team who are ready to handle your fit out from start to finish. We have the skills and resources required to provide an all-inclusive service; built on years of experience. We pride ourselves on Quality, Time Management, and Budget specifications. As well as our guarantee to deliver above expectations at all stages of the construction process.

Our goal is to create and foster quality relationships with our clients for the future; that's why customer satisfaction is always our top priority. We have worked with some of Australia's biggest franchises to roll out custom and high-quality shop fittings; constantly pushing ourselves to meet our clients every need.

About the Logo 

Our logo is a representation of our shopfitting process; complex yet perfectly simplified and purposeful. Over the years we have refined our ability to decode the inevitable web of communication that comes along with any shopfitting or construction project. It can be chaotic at times, however, when it resolutely comes together with hard work and an amazing team it's beautiful and complete, giving a great sense of satisfaction.